About us

Scandinavia's leading elevator interior expert

Åhmans in Åhus, founded 1860, are today the leading independent manufacturer of elevator interiors in Scandinavia. The family business with approximately 35 employees have it's own design and construction department, carpentry and metalworking.

We have offices, warehouse and showrooms in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Åhus. The head office and production is located in Åhus, Sweden.

We are more than happy to provide planning support to property owners, architects, consultants and contractors regarding different types of elevator interior solutions, choice of materials etc.

All sales of elevators for new and refurbished objects are carried out by authorized elevator installers, who are also responsible for the delivery to the client.

Sales and support

We love talking elevators and elevator interior! We have divided sales responsibility geographically as below. Of course we are flexible and help each other across borders so you do not get the "right person" just contact another one of us. We are the ones to talk to:

Hissinteriörer, Sverige

Leif Stridsberg
044 - 28 99 12

Hissinteriörer, Export

Henning Beyer
+46 (0)44 - 28 99 05

Hissinteriörer, Stockholm

Rolf Wennerström
08 - 588 33 333

Ordermottagning, Komponenter

André Motoda