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Unique expertise in elevator interior design

As a leading specialist in elevator interiors and elevator fittings, we offer cost-effective elevator interior solutions for all types and makes of elevators. The assortment ranges from stylish, durable housing elevator interiors for apartment buildings to unique and very exclusive elevator interiors for offices, hotels and shopping centers. We manufacture completely new elevator interiors for new construction or for replacement during modernization. We also renovate and modernize existing elevator interiors that need to be renewed for aesthetic, accessibility or safety reasons. We also upgrade new concern elevator interiors.

All sales are made via established elevator contractors. Planning is done in collaboration with the client, architect, consultant and elevator contractor.

We make it easier for you

As a specialist in elevator interiors we work together with your elevator contrator to ensure that you get the economically best solution with a stylish energy-efficient elevator interior that meets your requirements and wishes. Of course, you should feel confident that rules from different authorities are being followed. We also offer a whole range of design proposals for packaged solutions to choose from or be inspired by and a huge image bank with many of the Sweden’s most beautiful elevator interiors.

Interior replacement is usually best

If you are facing a refurbishment or modernization of an existing elevator facility, talk to your elevator contractor about a complete interior change to a lightweight interior. Interior replacement is usually the most economic and smooth solution. You avoid additional costs for rebalancing and replacing mechanical equipment. At the same time, downtime is minimized and the elevator interior is completely re-manufactured with all modern environmental and energy saving functions integrated for the benefit of the property owner.

More than 150 years of experience

Åhmans i Åhus is a family-owned company founded in 1860. We have been producing elevator baskets since 1920 and are Scandinavia’s leading independent manufacturer and renovator of elevator baskets and elevator fittings.

Sales and support

We love talking elevators and elevator interior! We have divided sales responsibility geographically as below. Of course we are flexible and help each other across borders so you do not get the "right person" just contact another one of us. We are the ones to talk to:

Head of Sales

Oliver Wachenborn
+46 736 - 33 71 33

Sales Sweden

Leif Stridsberg
+46 708 - 28 99 01

Sales Export

Rolf Wennerström
+46 733 - 74 88 63

Sales, Components

André Motoda
+46 736-33 71 09

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