Different types of property and areas of usage puts various requirements on the elevator basket. We know what is needed and adapt the material, functionality and the design accordingly.

Sales and support

We love talking elevators and elevator interior! We have divided sales responsibility geographically as below. Of course we are flexible and help each other across borders so you do not get the "right person" just contact another one of us. We are the ones to talk to:

Sales Sweden

Leif Stridsberg
+46 (0)44 - 28 99 12

Sales Stockholm

Rolf Wennerström
+46 (0)8 - 588 33 333

CEO, Sales Export

Isak Beyer
+46 (0)8 - 588 33 331

Sales, Components

André Motoda
+46 (0)44 - 28 99 09