Wall Protection

Kapok 88

Happy lifts equal happy riders. And that’s what you want from your elevator.
You want to make it happy by prolonging its life so it can safely transport goods and people between floors, for longer.
When it comes to protecting elevators, we always rise to the challenge.
So, whether it’s a car or building materials that’s being lifted, we’ve got permanent or temporary options to suit your needs.


With our custom made elevator shield package, we make the drapes by hand to fit the exact specifications of your lift.


Sales and support

We love talking elevators and elevator interior! We have divided sales responsibility geographically as below. Of course we are flexible and help each other across borders so you do not get the "right person" just contact another one of us. We are the ones to talk to:

Head of Sales

Oliver Wachenborn
+46 736 - 33 71 33

Sales Sweden

Leif Stridsberg
+46 708 - 28 99 01

Sales Export

Rolf Wennerström
+46 733 - 74 88 63

Sales, Components

André Motoda
+46 736-33 71 09

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